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God Has Plans for You



     "God Has Plans For You" will help you understand the  most fundamental question for all time.  “What is the purpose for our temporary life? Why did God make us physical or temporary and give to us such a short life span? I have never heard a minister or a leader of any belief system come up with a definite or positive conclusion.

     I have searched diligently on the web for an answer, to no avail. I have perused articles and have seen many youtube videos but none that gave a clear, logical or a definite answer. It appears that God has allowed that valuable piece of information to go unanswered. We could ask and probably should ask the big question “Why would God allow our purpose to be hidden?”

     People who are familiar with the good book know what God says of Satan, “he who has deceived the whole world.” Rev 12:9. “Why would God allow Satan to deceive our world?” Part of that deception is the hiding of our purpose.

     I am hopeful that after you have read this book you will come away with a renewed appreciation of who God is and what he is doing. I am also hopeful that you will be excited and thankful because your loved ones, those who religion says God will discard, will be with you living an exciting and an abundant life in our Creators world.

     Please read this book with an open mind, and think about this extremely important subject, and what is being said about it. I ask you to think outside of your personal religious box.

     I believe, after you have read these pages you will be encouraged and very hopeful, not only for yourself, but for your loved ones as well. One more thing I should tell you is that I haven’t given or used a lot of scriptures. The reason being, the good book has been so abused in the translations and interpretations by all religions that it has become unusable. They have attempted to prove their belief system by the defective translations and faulty interpretations of the good book.

     Over the years, I have been puzzled because churches would tell you, without authority, what God wants from you. You must be saved they teach. You must obey certain church rules they demand. If you don't obey then God will send you to hell to suffer excruciating pain for all eternity. Wouldn’t you say that for a loving God that seems to be extremely harsh? 

     Apparently, because of what they teach he must be a god of ruthless and brutal torture as well. Churches seem to have all these do's and don’ts and speak with so-called authority about what God wants from human beings. These churches cannot or will not tell humans what their purpose is. All of these rules and no reason for our existence. If a church can tell us what we should be doing, then it seems that they should be able to tell us what our purpose is. It doesn't seem to make any sense for them to give us rules and not be able to tell us why we exist.

     Over my lifetime I have become more and more disillusioned with organized religion, and in the process I have come to believe that our Creator has a very special purpose for this world and his children. His purpose is so amazingly positive, and differs so much from what we have been taught, that our first thought is to discredit or to deny that he could be so loving, kind and purposeful.

     What I have found is, it helps me to understand, more deeply who and what God is, and what he wants from me. I have come to see God in a much clearer light and realize that he wants all humans to be a part of his world or kingdom. He is now in the process of creating humanity for just that purpose.

     “For Your Information,” and In case you missed the point, he is the Creator: We are being created in his image:

     In the pages to follow I intend to share my thoughts and ideas about what God wants from us. I also intend to answer some very important questions. 


Why are we here?

What is our purpose?

What does God want from us?

What is the purpose of Satan?

What will eventually happen to Satan?

What will happen to all those who have died before Christ came and those who have never heard of Christ?

What about your loved ones who have died without Christ?

Is God in charge or is Satan in charge?

Just to name a few.

     In the pages of this book I have used the words pride, self-righteousness, self-importance, self-focus, self-interest, and overabundance of our perceived self-worth and self-worship as descriptors, and have tried to interchange these words within the context, so as not to be too repetitive. All these words are in most cases interchangeable.

     I have also used the word humility a number of times and indeed, there is a chapter dealing with that subject. Being humble is not being a doormat but a positive being with care and concern for others. A truly humble person is a personally responsible individual toward God and his fellow man.

A humble person toward God can be known by seeing how he treats his fellow man.

     I hope you get a new perspective of God and realize that he is truly a God of love and mercy and who has an extremely important place for you in his world.

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