A New World is     Coming  Soon

"God Has Plans for You" is a book about the reason for our physical and temporary existence. Why our Creator created us and has allowed mankind to suffer all the indignities of this existence.  There have been wars throughout the history of man and we are now seeing the guns turned upon ourselves.  Our most precious treasures are no longer safe within our schools.


There is a reason for all this and you are learning some very important lessons about your nature and the nature of all human kind.

Over the years I have ask myself "What is the purpose of our existence?"  There were no answers to this most fundamental of all questions. Why would the Great Creator not tell us what our purpose is?  It seems to me that he would leave it up to humans to come up with some conclusions, for after all he gave us a mind like his.  We have the ability to analyze things and to look at the relevant facts and from that we should be able to come to a conclusion that includes all mankind.



Adventures with Blaze

          The Rescue

Adventures with Blaze -


     The Camping Trip

Adventures with  Blaze  

     The  Kidnapping

An Open Letter to Franklin Graham

God's Perfect Classroom