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“A World Deceived” is a book that lays it on the line. It explains why God is allowing this escalating state of affairs in which we find ourselves. The present pandemic is causing great concern to this nation and the world whether instigated by nefarious individuals or by a known or unknown malfunction in a medical lab, our world is shutting down. We have no understanding of why God has allowed us to get to this point, for our religions have become incompetent.  Where do we go from here is the big question? Where can we go for answers? Our politicians cannot help for everyone is a critic without responsibility. Our religions have proven themselves inadequate for we have churches on every corner and their worship and sermons have become meaningless in bringing honest to goodness truth to a dying world.


A New World is Comming SOON

Adventures with Blaze

          The Rescue

Adventures with Blaze -


     The Camping Trip

Adventures with  Blaze  

     The  Kidnapping

An Open Letter to Franklin Graham

God's Perfect Classroom

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