What is "The Purpose for our Physical and Temporary Human Existence?" 

Is there a logical explanation about our world and the chaos we see and feel in our lives? Why would our Creator allow the world to get to the condition it is in and then fail to give us an explanation. There is only one group of individuals who are required and mandated to impart this knowledge, alas, they refuse. Because they will not provide any answers, I have over the years ask myself "What is the purpose for our temporary human existence?"  There have been no answers to this most fundamental of all questions. Why would our Creator not explain about our purpose and to let that question go unanswered?  It appears that he has left it up to humans to come up with some conclusions.  We have the ability to analyze things and to look at the relevant facts and from that we should be able to come to a conclusion that will include all mankind.

Our religious leaders, not only in the US but all religious leaders, have been given the command from the Great Creator to, "Cry aloud and spare not, and show my people their faults." Our religious leaders have failed in that mandate.  They have made their mandate about our actions and not our nature.

I have attempted to show what our purpose is and to show why the Creator made us temporary.  His purpose supersedes our beliefs and his purpose will stand.  Your future is secure..