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God's Master Plan


This book goes into the subject of God's Plan for all people.  It lays out the fact that the Creator has a plan for all humans and explains why that plan has never been discussed before. God is purposeful, and is leading us toward perfection.  We are not perfect but our experiences and training while living this temporary life is showing us the need for our training.  Coupled with a perfect mind like the Creators, we will understand and never forget the process we went through on this earth. 


The Practical God


What God has in store for us cannot be measured by any human standards.  He wants you in his world and there is nothing that can stop his goals. You are special and your family is special for he loves and cares about all.


Mostly we humans do not consider that the Creator is practical.  We seem to think of him as a spiritual being, aloof from mankind while looking down his nose and frowning at our feeble attempts.  The Creator is active and practical and he will get you there regardless of our limited existence.

The Interview


A book where I am interviewed and ask many question which will explain my purpose and the purpose of humanity.

Wake Up America

A series of articles I have written about the chaotic state of this world. Truly a eye opener

The Creation Story


This is a fictional account of the creation of our universe.  It gives us a step by step conversation between God and the Word, and their orders to Lucifer.

It is an interesting story written so that you can get a more practical look at the creation.  Lucifer rebelled, but why did he rebel? This e-book tries to shed some light on the process and to bring a little logic to this subject. Lucifer must have had a reason to think as he did, and this book will show a reason. It is logical and practical.


The Cost of True Freedom

True Freedom comes at a very high price

Without personal responsibility, freedom becomes lost in a self-serving way of life. We have our free will or individual personal freedoms and to guard this most important quality a responsible attitude must be present


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