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MARCH 1, 2018

CONTACT: L. Wayne Clevenger

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New “Blaze” Trilogy Makes for Page-Turning Adventure

Wholesome Reading Fun for the Whole Family

Wichita, KS – L. Wayne, the author of the “Blaze” series of young adult books, has found new joy in retirement by creating a series of wholesome books designed for young adults, but enjoyable for any age. The “Adventures of Blaze” trilogy (“The Rescue,” “The Camping Trip” and “The Kidnapping” ) follows the adventures of a group of young people as they navigate their friendships, find adventure and discover some beautiful country on the backs of horses, and “Blaze” is the star horse of the show.

When not found behind his computer, Wayne is often tucked into the front end of a vintage Cushman scooter doing complete rebuilds, and it is there that many of his musings come to fruition. “I find that when I'm writing a book, I am consumed by it and doing these mechanical things helps me iron out the details.” Wayne laughed, and added “I work out a lot of my story lines with a screw driver in my hand.”

The “Blaze” trilogy is a compelling read, full of adventures, and bad guys and good horses that make for page-turning excitement. The authenticity with which Wayne is able to tell these stories is what makes the characters and these adventures stick with the reader, long after the last page is read. Highly recommended reading for anybody looking to engage in some quality escapism found only in the pages of well-written book.

The “Blaze” trilogy is currently available on the Barnes & Noble website, as well as Amazon in E-Book and paperback. Look for it soon, at a library near you.



L Wayne is a retired Wichita, KS entrepreneur who upon retirement has embraced the art of spinning stories into adventures for the young adults looking for a departure from their daily digital lives. He writes of simpler times and raucous adventures that illustrate the power of strong relationships and making positive choices. He and his wife Sharon are Kansas natives who enjoy a robust life with grown children and grandchildren. In addition to the “Blaze” trilogy, Wayne has previously penned/published “The Purpose for Human Existence,” “The Practical God” and “God's Master Plan.” Wayne can be reached at or (316) 655-6337 Visit his website at



            Professional Customer Reviews


Customer Review

Adventures with Blaze – The Rescue

5.0 out of 5 stars Adventures with Blaze really IS a Rowdy Good Read

By M. Masters on February 27, 2018


The first book in the Blaze trilogy (there are two more published after this one) is an excellent read that takes the reader into what seems like a simpler time, when kids with horses could find adventures and build memories to last a lifetime. The series revolves around a collection of 15 year old kids and their horses, of which "Blaze" is the primary player. Set in a vast Montana wilderness with characters that make for compelling dialog and well-driven action scenes, the Blaze stories offer a glimpse at life that is easily forgotten in these days of digital connection.

Recommended reading for 3rd through 12th graders, this book is easily understood and uncomplicated in it's authenticity, and this (the first) book did a sweet job of developing characters that grew more likable with each turn of the page. "The Rescue" has all the good guys and the bad guys and horses with smarts AND tenacity, but it is the cadre of friends (and the relationships they're developing) that make this such an entertaining read.

The main character, Buck, has all kinds of Super-Hero Cowboy in him and demonstrates critical thinking skills AND good decision making while making the Great Outdoors feel like a place that every kid would want a part of. The feeling of community that these stories foster is worth the price of admission, and the bonus lies in the author's ability to describe a place and feeling so accurately, you feel like you're there.

I missed the characters when I was done with the book.
That is what led me to the second... .and the third, in the Blaze series.


M. Masters


Customer Review

Adventures with Blaze – The Camping Trip

5.0 out of 5 stars a Fun Read for Curious Minds

By M. Masters on February 27, 2018


This book (second in a series of 3) is even more fun to read than the first one! While the first book did a great job introducing us to the characters and setting a well-detailed scene, this second one was quick to grab attention with a fun story line that develops quickly. We've grown to love the characters already, from the first book so it's a natural progression to love them even more with this tale.

The descriptions of their exploits, as young people coming of age while exploring nature on the back of horses, makes for some excellent escapism fun in a fairly quick read. (Truth told - it ended too soon, and made me grab for the third and final in this series.) As with the first book, the author has drawn on the classic themes of good versus bad, loyal friendships and compassionate choices in a way that is never preachy but gently persuades.

It's safe to say that if you've made it this far with these kids, you're probably going to want to go ahead and have the third and final book on stand-by when you finish this one.
So far, they just keep getting better.


M. Masters


Customer Review

Adventures with Blaze – The Kidnapping

5.0 out of 5 stars Page Turning at it's Finest

By M. Masters on February 27, 2018


"Adventures with Blaze - The Kidnapping" was by far the strongest page-turner in the "Blaze" series. While the first two books set a solid stage for liking the characters and developing expectations for the adventures they were going to embark on, this third book secured their place in our "Fond Memories" camp.

These stories for young adults revolve a young man named Buck and his group of loyal companions and their trusty horses (of whom, "Blaze" is the star of the show.) While they solve mysteries and defeat the bad guys, they explore their friendships with good humor and a nod to family values from days gone by. "The Kidnapping" was even more compelling that the two books that proceeded it, in that the adventure was so expertly crafted (with unexpected twists and turns) that the book was easily devoured in one sitting. (Not necessarily recommended, so you can savor the story a bit more delicately.)

This series of books comes highly recommended for any and all kids, aged 10 to 90, who enjoy the escapism of a great read that carries the reader with it.

M. Masters

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