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What is Wisdom?



When we look at world conditions today we ask, “Why don’t our leaders use a little wisdom?” Why won’t our leaders use wisdom in the direction they are taking this country? We hear about wisdom and yet do we know what it is.  We ask ourselves, “Why do our leaders not use it to get the best results for our country?”


Is wisdom a spiritual matter or is it a human matter? Do political leaders have it? Do religious leaders have it? So, what is this elusive thing called wisdom?


There are a few things we know.  When wisdom is practiced the results have good or positive outcomes. When wisdom is not used the outcomes are not good for all, but for just a few. A generalization I know.


Wisdom at some point can be gained in our training. An example of this is a bridge builder by using a learned profession this engineer can construct a bridge that is safe and reliable.


So, we know that a certain amount of wisdom can be learned or taught. Certain qualities of wisdom can be acquired but a full measure is not possible for any one human being.


The beginning point of acquiring wisdom is to realize that we humans are physical, temporary and fallible.  We hear the expression from time to time that, “We are not perfect.” We are not perfect in wisdom.


We also need to realize that we have a nature which is controlled by self-interest and not a focus toward others. This is the main point about our lack of wisdom. With our self-focus we will do anything that will fulfill our desires, regardless of the outcome for others.


We can see this clearly in the leaders of this country.  We have leaders who will refuse to look at an obvious difficulty for it would make them look bad. This is not only political but religious as well.  It also includes you and me.


We cannot and will not get a complete measure of wisdom as long as we have what is called Human Nature.


A definition of Human Nature is: Freewill without positive direction, fueled by Pride, self-interest, self-importance, self-righteousness, self-will, and a total absorption of our own importance.


These characteristics can be rolled up into the attitude of Pride.  All the characteristics listed above, are just the opposite of humility.


True wisdom can come by knowing and understanding that human nature, explained above, cannot be obtained as long as we have this nature of ours.


True wisdom can only be achieved with a full measure of humility.  True humility is realizing that there is something bigger, smarter, larger, and more intelligent than you or me.


Our human nature is not compatible with wisdom.  We won’t gain a full measure of wisdom until this nature we have been infected with, is removed.


All, and I mean All the problems this world has or will have in the future, pivot around this thing we call human nature.  Human Nature, defined above, is our fatal flaw.


Wisdom is a Life Matter.

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