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L Wayne is a retired Wichita, KS entrepreneur who upon retirement has embraced the art of spinning stories into adventures for the young adults looking for a departure from their daily digital lives. He writes of simpler times and raucous adventures that illustrate the power of strong relationships and making positive choices. He and his wife Sharon are Kansas natives who enjoy a robust life with grown children and grandchildren. In addition to the “Blaze” trilogy, Wayne has previously penned/published “The Purpose for Human Existence,” “The Practical God” and “God's Master Plan.” Wayne can be reached at or (316) 655-6337

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His Story Continues;

I grew up in a small town in southwest Missouri over seventy years ago. Throughout my lifetime I have witnessed many changes in our society.  I have seen numerous changes in our technology and boundless accomplishments, but have often wondered, with all that has been accomplished, why wasn’t the human race becoming more peaceful?


I also began to realize that with churches on every corner in this great nation and with all these churches teaching about the prince of peace, why was the world descending more and more deeply into chaos?


I remember from the beginning , wondering about our purpose and why we only lived a short lifetime.  As a child I thought 70 years was an eternity, but now that I am past that milestone,I realize it is only a breath of time.


I began to realize that the Creator must have a purpose for allowing all the troubles we face on this earth.  He created the vast physical universe and he has given human kind control over our world and is allowing us to do with it as we please.  Why would he give to us that control?  The answer is truly astounding.


I began thinking more deeply about our purpose when the world trade towers were attacked on September 11, 2001.  My first thoughts were that God wanted us to see the consequences of sin.  It also seemed that the word sin didn’t describe fully what had happened. That was just the beginning and the progression down that path continued.  I began to see that the people who took down those towers were self-righteous to the extreme, and would hurt whoever they could to get the world to see their (perfect in their own eyes) belief system. They set about to prove, by violence, that they were right and all others were wrong.  I also began to see a little more clearly that those murderous charlatans would do anything to prove they were doing their gods wishes.  A prideful and a totally self-righteous and self-important attitude.


I also know that religious people, who have a belief system which says if you don’t believe my way then the God who says he is love, will make you suffer excruciating pain for all time.   I didn’t think this great God of love would make a person suffer for all eternity for such a thing as not believing in some religious teaching, or not having any knowledge of the creator of all.


I began to realize that it was a scare tactic designed to keep people in the fold of their religious belief.  The church in the early centuries needed a scare tactic so that dissidents could be persuaded to stay quiet if they had a different belief.


The natural progression of my thoughts forced me to realize that our human nature was the real culprit and no matter how much we tried we couldn't get rid of it.  So I began asking, 'Can belief be considered a proof?' 


When the Creator banned Lucifer to this earth and changed his name to Satan, he then created mankind and placed him here with Satan. The reason God placed mankind in harm’s way needed a serious answer. Either the Creator was senile and forgot that he had multiple billions of places he could have banned Satan to, or he had a reason for Satan and mankind to coexist.  Satan became the god of this world, and we are now subservient to him because we now live in his world.


We are learning about his (Satan’s) ways and actions, and what harm they cause.  One thing Lucifer didn't know, was what evil was and what caused it. He also didn't know what the outcome of evil would be and the chaos it would bring.  Remember he lived in a perfect society where peace and happiness was the rule of the day.


God created us physical so we could learn firsthand what evil is, what causes it and the devastation it causes.  When our physical existence is over we will expire and another generation will take our place and then they too will die, etc. By our learning experiences we are beginning to see what it is that God doesn't want in his world.


We are just like the child and the hot stove. Mom says don't touch the stove because it is hot and will burn you. The child has now heard of hot. One day he decides to touch the hot stove and after much crying and pain the child just turned a milestone in his life. He now knew what hot was. He now knew it can cause pain and suffering.


To put it simply the Great Creator is allowing us to touch the hot stove and to fully understand the reasons for not touching that which causes harm.




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